Duplicate songs on Fuze

I added some additional songs to my 4g Fuze today. When i unplugged the device from computer to see if the songs transferred, noticed many of the existing songs on my player are in there at least twice. How did that happen and how do i get rid of it? I want to delete the extra songs directly from the device but i’m afraid if i do, i may lose more stuff than i want. Please advise.  thanks.

update: i decided to delete one of the duplicated songs to see what happens.  it deleted both.  had to go back to windows media player and sync the song back to the device.  it’s still on there twice. dont like this.  someone help plz.  thanks.


Unless the songs are bought from some service that uses DRM (digital rights murk), like Napster or Rhapsody, there’s no reason to use Windows Media Player.

The easiest solution to this is to delete the songs via Windows Media Player and put them back on without WMP.  Under Settings/USB Mode switch to MSC (instead of Auto Detect or MTP) and just drag the albums/folders onto the unit. Make your own folder or just throw them on there–the Fuze doesn’t care. 

Look in the folders. All that should be there is .mp3 or .wma files, about 1MB per minute of music, and an album cover, a little .jpg file. If the albums were ripped on a Mac, there may also be a folder named MACOSX or little (1kb) files named ._01Song.mp3. If you see those little files, delete them from the unit–they’re not for the Fuze. 

i was using auto detect.  as far as what black-retangle advised…i am not computer savy and WMP is the easiest for me. i’m so frustrated this thing was setup just fine until i just added a cpl more songs…now there are dupes all over this device. most of my songs were purchased thru Walmart…then i placed on a cd then ripped the cd onto WMP. i’m not sure where the folders are that you are talking about. i don’t like WMP because when i rip an unknown cd and then rename each song then try to attach an albulm art to each song, the art goes on every song ripped from that cd even though there are different artist. is there another solution for me to get rid of these dupes unless you dont mind telling me about these folders. u also said not to put them on WMP…where do i put them?

Directly on the devide?

WMP is crap. Try another media player. They lots out there, and almost everyone is better than WMP. Try for example winamp or foobar2000

Look at the device when it’s connected in My Computer. Click on it to Explore, and keep clicking to go deeper. You should see folders that are albums. 

Auto-detect means that the Fuze will try MTP first, the mode that connects to Windows Media Player, if it finds Windows Media Player on your computer.

When you copy a CD onto the Fuze, what you are really doing is ripping it: converting the songs on the CD into mp3 files. The good thing about mp3 files is that the ripping software can go online and get the song titles, albums, artist, etc. information that goes into ID3 tags–part of the mp3 that the Fuze will display, so you can find stuff. 

If you like Windows Media Player, that’s fine–but you have to make sure Windows Media Player is behaving itself.

When you connect the Fuze, look through Tools/Options on WMP. Don’t see Tools? Just right-click on the very top line of WMP, the same line where it says Windows Media Player on the left, and it should show up. Then boss WMP around a little. 

Most important: Under  Rip Music, make the format mp3 (not .wma) and push the slider toward Best Quality–at least 192 kbps, and 256 if you want even better sound quality. Under Rip Music to This Location, pick any place you want (mine is C:\Albums, not the very complicated My Music folder).

Optionally: Under Player, have it only check for updates once a month–even that is more than enough. Under Privacy, uncheck the box that says Send unique player ID to content providers. 

Other software will also rip and put the album into a folder on your computer. Then you can drag-and-drop those folders onto the Fuze–directly, using MSC mode, which makes it look like just one more disc drive on your computer.  

Other ripping software does require a little bit of setup. You need to tell it where to put the mp3 files once they are ripped. You may also need to give it permission to look online. It’s the same process as Windows Media Player–look in Settings, use your common sense.

If you want to try an alternative, here’s Foobar. 

And here’s Media Monkey,which needs a little tweak after 30 days. If you try Media Monkey (the free version) and like it, search this forum for Media Monkey and lame_enc.dll

Both Foobar and Media Monkey need to connect in MSC mode. 

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cool.  going to give it a try.

@ssorgatem wrote:
Directly on the devide?

WMP is crap. Try another media player. They lots out there, and almost everyone is better than WMP. Try for example winamp or foobar2000

Whoa there…

While I’m not a huge fan of WMP, saying it is c### is a bit of stretch, and your opinion only.  There are plenty of people that use it and like it.  Everybody likes different things, including media player/managers.