My music keeps getting deleted from my sansa fuze

Every time I go in to add new music to the Sansa, the music I already had is completely disappears. I would just sync the music on my windows to it and it would add on the new music. Now the new music shows up and the ones that were in there before are gone. I have not had this problem before. It started doing this just last week. I am getting tired of having to add in my music over and over again. What is going on?:neutral_face:

Are you deleting music on your hard drive?  The purpose of synchronizing two places is to make them the same.  If you delete them on your hard drive, they will be deleted on your Fuze when you sync.  You never want to have your music on only one place anyway so why delete from your hard drive if that is what you are doing?

Check your sync settings on the software you’re using (under Sync, the device, Set Up Sync in WMP). If you have it set to sync media with certian rules, songs that are added manually won’t be on the list and will be deleted from the player.

Your Windows Media Player is Auto-Syncing. Connect the unit, look in Tools/Options (you may have to click on the very top line of WMP to make that menu appear) and un-check Auto-Sync.

Better yet, switch mode to MSC and do everything manually and this won’t happen. The only reason to use WMP is for music from services like Rhapsody or Napster, which need WMP to transfer their ultrasecret hush hush digital licensing info. 

Can you tell me how many song entries you have in your database? It supports up to a maximum of 8000 songs. Also I have noticed that when the song names are too long they will corrupt the song database. This happens for instance when you have folders within folders etc. that contain the mp3 files. I had this problem. Every time I entered new entries existing entries were lost. 

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