Deleting Songs and Replacing them with Duplicate songs.

I’ve had my Sansa for about a year now, It’s a 4GB Fuze, and recently it started deleting songs from my device and replacing them with duplicate songs. The first time I noticed this I plugged it into the computer, and it recognized maybe 7 songs, all of them the same. I tried deleting one, and it worked the first time, but when I tried deleting another song it wouldn’t let me. I thought it might have something to do with memory, so I deleted a song directly from my device and when I plugged it into the computer the second time it recognized no songs but said I had still used 3.8 GB (about how much was used up before It messed up) Also, whenever I connect it to the PC, it says my Fuze Isn’t Licensed. I’ve Tried clicking Liscense from the drop down menu, but it Doesn’t do Anything. I Really don’t want to Re format, so please Help

Try going into Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and try both MSC and MTP to find your songs. Your computer can only see one mode at a time.

Take it off Auto. Windows Media Player in your computer may be adding/deleting things through Auto Sync.

I Tried Going into Settings and Selecting MSC and MTP, But that Didn’t Do It.

Also, My Sansa is synced to Rhapsody, not Windows Media Player. So…