Serious Problems with my Fuze

Had my fuze since 08. The main problem i’ve had right now is with corrupted and duplicated songs. Sometimes I would go and play a song, and another song from my library would be playing over it, sometimes distorted. I’ve also had a lot of duplicate songs show up as well. If I delete one, the other doesn’t work. Also, my fuze glitched and for some reason started deleting random songs. I lost an ENTIRE GENRE. 

Start with a reset. Slide the power switch up and hold it for about 20 seconds. See if that fixes your issues. 

Are you using an SD card? 

Doesn’t help. I do have an external sd card, but i’m saving all my music onto my internal drive. Now for some reason whenever I start up, it says “refreshing your music” but there’s never any progress. It stays at zero forever. And now for some reason after my files got messed up, I can only view my recently put music through my computer, and not all of my music.

Connect, go to each drive, Explore it, click the Date Modified tab and remove the stuff most recently added. What this usually means is that there are tags that the Fuze can’t handle.