Why does my songs keep deleting?

First, I am sorry if this is th wrog place to ask. So this is my problem…Ok it might be that I am new in having an mp3 player( I bought myself a sandisk sansa 4gb fuze a couple weeks ago), and everytime I put music in it deletes my previous songs. I don’t know if its the mp3 or whatever. Its like when I put some songs from a cd it somehow deletes the songs I already have, even if I download a song. I don’t know. I need help, because its pissing me off!! :frowning:

PS: Please try to explain in details( I am new at this stuff) if you can step by step directions…Just give it a shot…I need help. Oh yeah I use Windows Media Player

Try formatting the device and then readding your songs, if this doesn’t work then contact CS.

Windows Media Player is the problem. It is probably set to automatically sync–to make the music library on your computer and on your Fuze the same. So if you have copied something to the Fuze and taken it off your computer, WMP makes sure your Fuze matches your computer and the old song isn’t there.

The easy way to stop this is to switch modes. You’re probably in MTP mode. On the Fuze under Settings/USB mode, switch to MSC. That makes the Fuze act like a hard drive. You drag something into Musc (or anywhere) and it stays there. Purely manual. 

For some reason you love Windows Media Player? Then stop it from doing things behind your back. Look in the settings on Windows Media player, different for different versions.  I have WMP 10. Open WMP, connect the Sansa, go to Tools/Options (you may have to right-click the top bar, the one that says Windows Media Player, if Tools is not displayed.) Look at Devices, find the Sansa, uncheck Start Sync When Device Connects. Look at Sync. You should see a Device Setup, where Automatic is checked. Switch it to Manual. WMP will keep trying to switch back to Automatic, so be careful. 

Also, under Rip Music, if for some reason you are ripping to .wma, either switch to mp3 at pretty good quality (192 kbps) OR make sure that if you are using .wma, Copy Protection is un-checked. Copy Protection will screw things up sooner or later.  

The key is to set up the synchronization within WiMP. 

Under the Sync tab, there’s a short bar. Click on that, and select your Sansa from the drop down menu.

A wizard for synchronization serup will pop up.

Now here’s the important part!  When the synchronization starts, click on the Stop Sync button in the lower right, and you’ll strike gold!!

The list of items to be synchronized will pop up.  From the RIGHT side list, click and delete everything you DON’Twant to sync, like old TV shows, songs rated 4 stars, newspaper clippings, old coupons, et cetera.

From this point on, WiMP will quit playing games with your Sansa’s files.  You can drag your music to the Sync List, and all will go quite a bit better.

Bob :smileyvery-happy: 

Thank You so Much…I think I got a hang from it…woooh! I was so close about giving it up…thank you everybody elsefor trying to help…you all seem cool