Songs + FUZE + WMP11 = ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

My windows media player said on some songs that the songs are already on the device when syncing. The funny thing is that I had formatted the Fuze. I cant find the songs anywhere to delete them what do i do.

I’m not a serious user of WMP… but even though you formatted your Fuze, WMP doesn’t know that.   I don’t think it goes through your Fuze to see what you’ve got on there.  As far as it’s concerned when it syncs it already thinks it’s added those to your Fuze?  Maybe??

Try to drag and drop the songs, or I seem to recall an option to “force” syncing (regardless) it WMP.

Connect in MSC mode and look in Windows Explorer to see if the songs are there.

Switch to MTP mode and look through WMP to see if the songs are there. 

If worse comes to worse, use the unit to Format itself again (which will wipe out all songs on the unit).  Then connect in MSC mode and delete the file called mtable.sys, which is the database–the index or listing that the Fuze made. When it doesn’t find mtable.sys, it should make a new one from what is actually on the unit. 

I formatted it but,

I got 3 system files other than my media folders which one is it.




I tried to search for “mtable.sys” and nothing came up.

I am thinking it’s SYS_CONF huh?

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Message Edited by Irineo_guerra on 07-16-2009 10:08 PM