Syncing music from 2 different 'puters

:smiley:Hello to you all! I am very new at this (boards and the Fuze) but have a question. My husband and I have different music in both of our computers and seems when he tries to sync some music from my computer, it messes up what he has synced from his computer. Makes no sense to me. One would think that you could take music from ANY source and it shouldn’t mess up what you already have! Anyone have any help?? We use WMP-11 to work with and both have a Fuze. We do not sync everything at once; just what we want…help!!? Oblossum :smiley:

The easiest way is to avoid the problem (Windows Media Player, that is) altogether! You don’t _ need _ to ‘sync’ to your device to put music on it. Simply drag & drop the files from your computer to your Fuze. I prefer MSC Mode, but you can also do it in MTP Mode if you have to.

When you tell WMP to ‘sync’ music to your device on your computer, you telling it to make your player the same as your computer’s hard drive (music-wise in this case). Let’s say your husband does the same thing on his computer. Now you have a song (or songs) on your computer that your husband also wants on his Fuze. He plugs in his Fuze to your computer and WMP sees that the library on his Fuze is different than what it sees on your computer, so what does it do? It erases all the music on his player and copies your library from your computer over to his Fuze. :cry:

I can’t understand why people enjoy frustrating themselves so much trying to get WMP to ‘sync’ their music to their players? You’re letting a piece of software decide what is best for you and what songs it (not you) wants to put onto your player. Why? :angry:

Pick a song file on your computer.

Click on it.

Drag it over to your Fuze’s MUSIC folder in Windows Explorer.


Lather, rinse & repeat.

It doesn’t get much simpler than that! Do you really need Microsoft to do this for you?

Stop beating your head against the wall! It hurts! (And it doesn’t do the wall much good, either) :wink:

Hi Tapeworm,

Believe it or not, I am NOT syncing it all at once. I have learned NOT to do that. I do drag and drop what I want to my Fuze but the same thing still happens…when we try to obtain music from each others computers. It has messed up some of the “art” and added an album to his Fuze from my computer (he didn’t do anything to put it there!). We will just keep plugging at it. Thanks again…

Oblossum :wink:

Even if you are not ‘syncing’ and are dragging & dropping, if Windows Media Player even smells your Fuze in the vicinity, and ‘Automatic Sync’ in enabled, it will do it’s damnedest to try and fulfill it’s mission. That may be how the un-explained album got on your husband’s device w/o his requesting it or even knowing about it.

I have WMP 10 so I can’t give you specific directions on how to turn it off, but you should be able to find it in Settings or Tools; somewhere like that where you can specify ‘Manual Sync’ instead of ‘Automatic Sync’.

Alternatively, you could both switch your players to MSC mode, and shut down WMP in it’s tracks. It only works with MTP mode. Using MSC is like hanging garlic or a crucifix on your door to ward off the evil MS vampire. It stops him cold! :smileyvery-happy:

If you do this however, the music you’ve already transferred in MTP mode will not be seen by your computers in MSC mode. One is invisible to the other. Best to wipe them both clean & start over in MSC mode. My players have not been in MTP mode in months! I have no use for it. I also have no problems! :stuck_out_tongue: 

With WiMP11, it will automatically pop a device screen up when the new device is recognized.

All you need do it tell WiMP “no” in this screen.  If you have already acknowledged the choice, no  worries.  For simplicity’s sake, plug in the “guest” Fuze to the PC, and click the Sync tab at the top.  In the space at the bottom of this tab, select the Fuze, and then “end partnership”.

From this point, you can simply plug in, and drag and drop the desired files to the Sync pane at the right of the screen.

Click Sync in the lower right corner to send the desired music over.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Hey guy’s!!  This is my wife asking this question knowing that it’s driving me a bit nut’s… Tapeworm, You had been helping me with tags!! Let me explain it better if i can…  We have win XP SP-3 and use WMP-11 for our music…  I’m 100% sure we are not syncing to the computers…  I know this sounds strange…  Really this is a small issue and my wife just sees me mumbling to myself walking back and forth between computer with my Fuze!! This is Normal for a 51 year old guy with a new toy, Right? LOL!!

I rechecked both computers and the box is not checked to sync the devices in both… What I have been doing is plugging the unit in and when a box comes up asking if I want this device synced I don’t answer it I cancel it out… I drag and drop like you said… OK She has about say 250 CD’s ripped in her computer plus all the ones I have in mine… In my computer I have say 75 CD or so ripped. But only the music I like…  If I plug into her computer and put a few CD’s on my Fuze all is well all album art is there… But now if I plug my Fuze into my computer that does not have the same CD’s I just put in my Fuze from her computer and when I plug into my computer I lose my album art on only the few CD I loaded from her computer… Now If I rip the cd’s in my computer and then re connect my Fuze the art is back…  But ya I know this all sounds strange but I am not synced to my computer I have a ton of music I have ripped that I did not put in my fuze… If I was synced to it it all would go in…   Not trying to drive you guys any more nut’s then we have I will not mention a few other odd ball things going on… The other thing is we both re in the auto detect USB mode… What I think I’m going to do is use WMP-11 to manage our music…  But I’ll use explorer to drag and drop music into the player’s…  The other odd thing was I had one CD that made it to my Fuze from her computer in some way but without the album art… This could have been user error in some way with only one CD…  But still strange about the art going away on the few I loaded from her computer in my Fuze only after connecting to my computer and only on the few I loaded from hers… TapeWorm & Bob thank you for your time and patience!! George and Penny