Songs wont convert to fuze

When I use the drag and drop songs on my fuze it doesnt convert of to my fuze it just says “Sansa Fuze Updated”

But theres no new songs on there. how do I fix it problem?

You’re going to have to give more details and be more specific.

What exactly are you doing? How exactly are you doing it? What format are the song files in? Where did they come from? Are you using DRM files (Rhapsody, Napster, etc.)? What USB mode are you using? Things like this.

Give as many details as you can about what you’re attempting to do and how. I’m sure someone can help. :smiley:

I actually prefer to sync with Windows Media Player.  It’s easy and convient.  I rip CD’s and then sync.  WMP allows me to change genres, etc, as I need to.

Maybe try that and see if that works.

yea it works on Windows Media Player.