Sync stops in WMP with MTP mode

When I hook up my Sansa Fuze and try to sync playlists with Windows Media Player, only the first few songs will transfer and then the rest will show “Stopped” and it will tell me I can disconnect my player.

I have always synced my mp3 player this way before and never had problems. I had not changed the software on my computer or the firmware on my Fuze prior to the problem. I did update my firmware after the problem began, and it did not correct the problem.

MSC mode works.

Ideas? I really don’t want to give up on MTP mode because I need the ability to transfer playlists to the device.


Were the songs that did not transfer already on the player?

You can create & manage playlists in MSC mode too, you know. MTP is only required if you’re using a pay-to-play service such as Rhapsody, Napster, Audible, Overdrive, etc. If you search around here on the forum, you’ll find a few different programs written by members that work very well for playlists in MSC mode.

For most people (who don’t use these services) MSC mode is usually much easier and trouble-free.

No, the songs were not on the player already.

Thanks for the helpful tips.

Does anyone know a way to export playlists from Windows Media Player into another format that I can use for playlists in MSC mode?

It’s probably best to just leave WMP out of the equation, but I think what you’re looking for is a .pla to .m3u converter.

Save the playlist in WMP as .m3u and send it over. Google is your friend.

@black_rectangle wrote:

Save the playlist in WMP as .m3u and send it over. Google is your friend.



It’s been a while since I played with playlists, but if I recall correctly the only problem with .m3u format playlists is that you cannot combine songs from the internal memory and those on the external memory card into the same list. With .pla format you can.

Seems to me I used Winamp to create to create the .m3u playlists containing songs from both locations. The player would only read the ones in the internal memory. I then used a conversion program to convert the playlist format to .pla and then all would be seen and played.

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