Help - can't work out playlists and am COMPLETE novice

The first thing I need to say - because I have read posts where people get really cross about this - I have spent HOURS searching through these messages trying to work out my problem. I am NOT lazy - it’s just you are all talking a computer language I just don’t understand!!

I am trying to set up a playlist of various songs - but every time I do it - the player separates the songs up into their various albums and doesn’t keep them together. I have tried with Windows Media Player and with Winamp. I have read a post where someone had a similar problem and one of the solutions was to use MTP rather than MSC (not sure if I’ve got the letters right.)

I have worked out that this is under settings in the player.

But can someone please explain to me - in really really simple terms - what the difference is? Some people seem to think MTP is not good - but why? (Again in very very basic terms please.)

Plus how does changing my player to MTP help with the playlist situation?

I am also confused because when I plug my player into the computer - a list of files of music come up. But these don’t seem to be the same folders/files as are on the player - I can’t even see the ‘Playlist’ option on the computer - even though it is definitely there on the player under Music.

Please help! This is my only problem with the player so far and I have spent hours trying to work it out!!!



Right - have spent yet MORE hours trying to work this out and have managed to work out what some of it means. Have managed to create a playlist by rightclicking on the Sansa Fuze music once it is already in the Fuze. OK.

Next - is there any way I can just have the music in the playlist and not showing up in albums and artists as it’s a pain to have the songs there too.

I notice that a few people have looked at this - but not given me any answer. I really hope it’s not because you think I’m being lazy. I cannot begin to explain the hours I have spent trying to get this sorted - it must be about 10 hours so far - I’m serious. It’s a great forum and some good info - but for a complete beginner I just don’t know what you are saying sometimes. Please help me out - don’t think I’m not trying.



For playlists - to me - MTP has always seemed easier.  In MTP mode the computer sees the device as a media device, in MSC it sees it as a regular flash drive.

Once you have set up a playlist, you can edit it by double clicking it and it will show you the list of tracks.  You can change the order and drag and drop more files from within your fuze into the playlist.  Windows media player and media monkey etc will let you create playlists from within the program if you prefer.

Playlists are seperate to the artist and albums menus.  While the tags written into the files are used to list under artist and album (unless you’re using folder navigation), the playlist file just directs the player to the files (which can all be in different places). So no, your files will always be listed under album/artist as well as the playlist.

Scaree wrote:

But can someone please explain to me - in really really simple terms - what the difference is? Some people seem to think MTP is not good - but why? (Again in very very basic terms please.)

This FAQ might help . . .

What is MTP and MSC mode, and how do I change it?

The debate between MSC and MTP modes continues.

MTP is essentially a virtual mode, operated with the assistance of Windows Media Player in the background.  In MTP mode, the media player treats files in essentially the same way as basic MSC, allowing drag and drop of various format files with much the same “feel” as direct control.

You can transfer binary files, documents, images, executable code, in addition to audio files- but it’s the audio / media files that MTP recognizes a bit differently.  For example, if you start with an mp3 file, and right click, “new playlist” will be available.  Once the playlist box is open, you can then start dragging and dropping various audio files into the box.

What you are really doing in this case isn’t transferring the files themselves into the box (list), you are really building a command list that your player will use to play the target music files in the desired order.

In MTP, playlist generation is very simple, as it can include files from different folders or paths, such as the MicroSD card and internal memory.  In MSC mode, playlists are easiest to build using a playlist building application.  This is because the MSC mode playlist will be in a different format, .m3u , as compared against MTP’s .pla format lists.

Playlists that are generated with MTP are then simply dragged and dropped into the Playlists folder, where they are easily found.  M3u lists must be in the same folder as the music files that are targeted.

Using WMP, Media Monkey, Winamp, or any of many other media managers (Napster and Rhapsody included), building playlists is a relative snap.  There are many options.  Building playlists manually in MSC mode can be a real pickle, but there are applications out there as described in various threads here.

Here’s a video describing how to build and transfer a playlistusing WMP 11.

The entire How-To Videospage is here to browse.

Should you run into any glitches or questions, you’ll find plenty of helpful advice on the forum.  Welcome to our happy little group!


Thanks so much for replying and forgive me for not getting back sooner - our time difference is different - you were busy replying while I was asleep (I’m in the UK).

I looked at the video - thank you - but it didn’t help with the problem.

Thanks summerlove - the fact that they all stay in the artists/albums area seems a pain - but at least I know I’ve done the right thing now!!