Playlist Help!?

In the past I had one playlist that I had made with windows media player but now it isnt working for me. I tried to do something but it just ended up putting all the songs in the playlist on my fuze that I already had on it. What should i do or should i use a different program

I had/and continue to have the same issue… What USB Mode is it in? I have the issue that i get dupliates in Auto Mode, but in MSC I dont

i’m switching around testing what happens

Do you have an SD card installed? I have been playing around for the last 5 min and it makes a difference.

I dont, i was fooling around and if u copy music files into the playlist folder and then create playlist you can do something but i’m not sure if thats right

I have found that if you use WMP to create the playlist and have the fuze in MSC you can sync the playlist and it only adds the new files. You can try Media Monkey or Rhapsody, If you want to try another program