Playlists!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP

I just switched from Ipod to the Fuze. I keep trying to create playlists and it is not working. I have had the mp3 player for a few days and now I am extremly aggitated. All I want to do is add my music and create playlists and be on my way. I have read several forums and they are not clear. All the forums say is create the playlists in windows media. I need step by step directions so I do not have duplicates. PLEASE HELP ME!!

I have the same problem:angry: ,switched to mediamonkey and now it works

There is a free version of mediamonkey available. So my advice is switch over and stay away from wmp11.

I really don’t understand why  it (wmp11) has to be so confusing. And you are right everybody talks about creating a playlist , but it is never described how.

In media monkey:

Add your directories to your library

Create a playlist

drag your files from the library to the playlist

finally right click on your playlist and select Send to SansaFuze (Synch) 


I figured it out 5 min ago tok me only a copuple of minutes

Good Luck

There are some issues with WMP 11. One of Which Being Duplicates. I have 10,500 files in my collection so I have trouble with duplicates, what i can suggest if you like WMP is to put your playlist on the internal memory of the fuze. In MSC Mode WMP usually see the files already on the Fuze and wont sync only write the directory. The issue I have is with putting play lists on an SD card where I do get Duplicates. Media Monkey is a good option as an alternative.  I would suggest playing with both, and figure out which one you like best.