creating playlists using Windows 7 and WMP 12


I’ve just got my Fuze 8GB and i’m really going mad trying to create several playlists. The instructions are for an older version on WMP, so dont carry over

I need to set up several playlists with different tracks on each one. All the tracks are on my laptop, and can be accesses via WMP, but for some reason, i don’t seem to be able to create new playlists, or perhaps i’m not doing it right?? (that i hope will appear under the playlists option)

Any guidance would be most appreciated! (not as easy as the Ipod Nano!!!)


in wmp 12 just click the play tab then add the songs you want in the playlist then click save list and name it whatever you want. after that is done it will show under playlists on the left hand side and you can sync it to the player. 

thanks drlucky, worked a treat!!

well i thought it had worked. I follow the instructions, and it syncs ok, but when i open music and then playlists, none appear!! They seem to all be dumped in music/folders/music ???

any ideas why it isn’t appearing in playlists??

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fair play Tom. Happy to use either methos yo suggested. Adding files using drag and drop is a little more long winded in the long run to access, so do you have other suggestions for better media managers?

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cheers Tom

I appreciate your feedback …

Well I reset all my factory settings, deleted all records on WMP, and whilst i’ve been playing around in the pasy hour or so, i read elsewhere how trying to switch USB mode can help, so i tried and switched from MSC to MTP, and hey presto, all the playlists i’ve just created in WMP have appeared under playlists on the Fuze…

So this might help others too!!!

Yep, most of the problems posted are trivial enough that playing around and trying different things will solve them. Also, use Google or forum search. It beats waiting around for somebody to answer you.

Honestly, WMP isn’t that evil an app. But as an all-in-one type, it has many different options, and can easily confuse people. It can have a lot of glitches, too, depending on what patches you have or haven’t applied. Tech support nightmare.

I use both communications modes on my Sansas interchangeably.  MTP Mode is the hot ticket for Windows Media Player, where the application sees the Sansa as a media device.  As you’ve found, easy playlisting is one of the benefits.

I have to use MTP for the Janus DRM capabilities, as I love Audible books and Rhapsody for my Sansas.  It all depends upon how you work with your devices.  As I rotate between machines, I have my favorite podcasts synchronized on all of them, though the players have different music on each.  This way, I keep up to date with my daily news, regardless of my choice of player du jour.

For this automation, WiMP11 or WiMP12 work very well.  WiMP12 / Windows 7 is a new environment, but I’m slowly acclimating to the new interface.  I never thought I’d miss WiMP11, but then again, I’m a glutton for punishment.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: