All kinds of problems - Playlists, USB mode, WMP or Winamp or other?

Hi folks.

I’m having all kinds of trouble with my new 8GB Sansa Fuze.  I’ve spent the last two evenings perusing the forum and trying all suggestions to the best of my ability, and still can’t seem to find what works for me.

A little background:  I am the proud owner of a 4GB Sansa e260.  It’s always worked great, but it’s a little small, capacity-wise.  I saw a deal for the Fuze and went for it.  When I load the e260, all I had to do was connect it, open WMP 11, drag my previously-created playlists to the sync list, hit the sync button, come back ten minutes later and my little mp3 player was ready to rock the house.  None of that seems to work with the Fuze…

I tried the above with the Fuze, but all it did was load all of the music from mulitple playlists on to the player, but no playlists.

Then, I switched to MSC mode and took someone’s advice from other threads where they mentioned several times that they just load the player with Windows Explorer and managed the playlists with Winamp.  I tried that with a very small playlist (about 15 songs).  Then I disconnected the player to make sure that the music loaded correctly.  This method seemed a little tedious, but it worked.  Until I tried to connect the player to the computer again, and I got an error message.  So, I formatted the player and can now connect again (in MSC mode), but I still can’t figure out how to get music on to my player in the way that I want.

Which is, lots of music, organized by playlist.  I already have the playlists created on my computer - both in .m3u and .wpl formats.  What is the best way to get these playlists (with the music files contained therein) on to my player?

HELP!!! :dizzy_face:

Can anybody shed some light?


Has anyone else experienced these problems?