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Using MTP Mode (Windows Media Player) -

I synced a playlist named ‘library’ to a 1gb SD Card and when I try to view the playlist from Music > Playlist > Library (has the card icon next to it), all I get is a blank screen entitled ‘Library’… no files/titles are shown. It works fine if I view a synced playlist that’s stored internally on the fuze.

Anyone else able to reproduce?


Hi Gaurhoth, sorry for such a late reply, but hopefully you’ll check back for the info I’m about to give you.

so to start things off. if you try to sync a playlist using WMP while the device is in MSC mode, playlist will not be transfered properly or at all. This is because when WMP transfers a playlist (m3u or wpl), it converts it to a pla extension. this new extension is only supported when MTP mode is connected.

Now to the even more confusing thing regarding your set up. Although your device is in MTP mode, a mSD will ALWAYS be treated as MSC mode. so no matter what mode your device is in, the mSD will always be treated as MSC. hence, WMP cannot transfer a playlist properly to your mSD.

more info to get playlist working on mSD. m3u is the ONLY playlist that can be uploaded manually onto the device and work properly. remember that WMP always converts playlists to pla when being transferred using the sync function. however, if you save your playlists as m3u with WMP and than transfer the m3u to your card via drag n drop, your playlist should be work.

important things about m3u: these are files that refer to the location of the music. the hierachy of the m3u and music files existing on your computer MUST MATCH the hierachy of the mSD. For example:

If your m3u file was saved in path: c:\playlist\ and your music was saved in path C:\music, than you must mimic that on your mSD card ( X: ) :

X:\playlist\ and X:\music\ .

Incdentally enough, m3u gets quite confusing when you you branch out to distant folders, ie:

C:\documents and settings\user\my document\m3uplaylistfile.m3u and having your music located on C:\documents and settings\user\desktop\music\brandy\

My suggesting is always save the playlist in the same folder as the music. than just drag that whole folder into the mSD.

I hope this info isn’t too confusing and helps you out. If it does stump you you can look in clip forum. there is a tutorial of how to use m3u file with msc mode.

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Actually,  the Fuze (and e200v2) support Playlists synced  to the external card in MTP mode.  The e200v1 did not.

I just tested the result on version 1.01.11 firmware and the WMP .pla playlist syncs to the card and plays fine. 



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opps. . . my mistake.  sansafix is correct.  I was still under the assumption that it wasn’t supported still. I have been enlightened!