playlist doesn't work suddenly without a known reason?!!!

I placed my playlist with my songs together in a newly created folder within the “Music” folder. At first it worked. Then I created another folder within the “Music” folder and yes, new songs in the folder and another playlist. After disconnecting w/ the computer, both playlists don’t work.

It sucks ~anyone could provide me any advice? really appreciate it~~~~~~~~

Try putting the playlist (.m3u?) files into the main MUSIC folder, not in any sub-folders.

M3U playlists are path-sensitive.  They will not work if in a different folder from your music, and subfolders can cause a warp in the fabric of space.

I like MTP mode and .pla lists, as the path is not a prerequisite.  I have playlists that include the µSD card.  MTP mode can be a pain for some users, but I like the simplicity of being able to generate a playlist via WiMP11, Rhapsody, or Windows Explorer with ease.

I tried it via m3u and MSC mode, and I empathize. 

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks for reply. But why MTP mode is a pain?

how to create .pla list? I wanted to but didn’t know how. Bob mentioned “I have playlists that include the µSD card”. Is it miniSD?

I also tried to put the .m3u file into the main MUSIC folder and still no luck!

I learned to right click a music file or folder in the fuze’s music folder and create a playlist and it works!