Creating a playlist with music already on the device?

I have transferred some songs to my fuze that were in a playlist in windows media player.  However, when the sync was finished, there was no playlist on my Fuze.  The music was there, but the playlist did not show.  How can I create a playlist that contains those songs?  To I have to erase everything and re-sync a different way?

was your fuze connected in MSC mode?

WMP cannot, I repeat CANNOT, transfer playlists to a device, because of the format they use when dealing with syncing (pla).

MSC does not support this and if you transfer a playlist, the music will only show.

Connect your device in MTP mode if you want to continue using WMP to transfer playlists in this manner.

Otherwise, if you stick with MSC mode, you’ll have to manually make and transfer your own playlists. 

I’m sorry… yes i was using MSC mode

So if I sync a playlist in MTP mode with WMP, then the playlist will show?

Also, do I need to start over and sync the playlist again?  My computer won’t recognize the fuze in MTP mode.  The only way I can get it to recognize the player is to put it in MSC mode or to turn the player off, put it on hold, hold down the left key, connect the player, continue to hold down the left key until it recognizes, then the computer will recognize it.  That could jsut be, however, manually putting it in MSC mode.

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yea WMP playlist only works with MTP mode.  if you must use MSC mode, I’d suggest using another media program that supports m3u playlist, or build them yourself and drag and drop them onto the player. make sure you build them correctly or they won’t work properly.

what other media program could i use in MSC mode to create playlists?

i’m going to return my new fuze if i can’t make a playlist in MSC, because i will be using my macbook pro soon, so i would really appreciate any help! 

you can create an m3u playlist and use it on the fuze in msc mode. i am sure i have seen it here before so just search the forums for m3u playlist.

here is a post with instructions for exporting itunes playlists as m3u playlists as well

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@gwilliamson wrote:

what other media program could i use in MSC mode to create playlists?


i’m going to return my new fuze if i can’t make a playlist in MSC, because i will be using my macbook pro soon, so i would really appreciate any help! 

I’ve found Winamp to work well, and not that much of a learning curve to it, either. You can save the playlist directly to the music folder on your player. DON’T save it to your computer, and then transfer it over via drag ‘n’ drop; it won’t work. And DON’T save it to your PLAYLIST folder on the player either . . . Yep, you guessed it . . . it won’t work. :wink:

tapeworm - i created a playlist with Winamp and saved in to the music folder on my device.  however, there already was music on the device, so the playlist didn’t match up completely.  it did show up on my player, and when i went to select it, the player froze.

what could be the problem? 

Did it freeze when you selected the playlist or when the first song in the playlist attempted to play? . . . Wait, I just had a thought (I wondered what that burning smell was?). You’ve got to be selecting songs for the playlist _ from _ the songs on the actual player , not from the library that Winamp “sees” on your computer. The paths won’t be right, and that could cause a freeze-up.

Try it this way . . . Create and name a blank playlist in Winamp. Plug your Sansa (in MSC mode or course) into your computer and navigate to your MUSIC > ARTIST > ALBUM > SONG that you want in your playlist. Re-size Winamp and Windows Explorer so you can see them both on your computer screen. Drag’n’drop the song you want to add to the playlist from Explorer to the playlist name on the left-hand side of Winamp’s Media Library section. If you want to add the entire album, just drag the album folder over. If you don’t want the whole album, but want more than 1 song, you can hold down the CONTROL button while you select the songs with your mouse. Then drag the whole lot over. You aren’t copying the music over like you do when you drag’n’drop from the computer to your player; you’re just copying the path & filename to the playlist in Winamp, and because you are selecting it from the actual directory on the device, the paths will be correct and your playlist should work.

When you’ve got the playlist as you want it, double-click on the name of it (again on the left side under Playlists in Winamp’s Media Library section, and that will open it up in the section in the upper right-hand corner of Winamp (called appropriately Playlist Editor). Under FILE, select SAVE PLAYLIST (Ctrl + S) and type in the name of the playlist again in the “File Name” section. Be sure to save it in your MUSIC folder ON the player, NOT on your computer, or you’ll have to do it again.

On more thing, I haven’t found a way to combine music in a playlist from BOTH the player and an SD Card on a v2 player, but you can have a playlist on either of them. If the playslist contains ALL of it’s music on the card, then you have to save the playlist ON the card also, not on the player.

Hope this works for you. I create my playlists a little differently as I told Winamp in the beginning ONLY to look at my player and SD card in creating it’s library, not my entire computer’s hard drive like Windows Media Player likes to do. But I’ve done it the way I explained here too and it worked.

Good Luck!

Thank you so much!  I’ve got to get to work this morning so I’m going to try it as soon as I get home and get the chance.  I’ll let you know what happens!  I REALLY appreciate the help!

Something unusual i should not - when i transfer songs using Winamp, it stores them not in the MUSIC directory, but in the main directory or default directory. ???

The playlist must be in the same directory as your music. If you have a MUSIC directory that your music is in, put the playlist there. A MUSIC directory is not crucial, as your Sansa will find the music and play it anyway. I don’t have a MUSIC directory on my SD card. All my music is in the root directory, so I put my playlist there also, and it works fine. Funny though, something (probably Winamp) keeps adding a blank MUSIC directory. I got tired of deleting it, so it just hangs out there.

If Winamp puts your songs or playlists in the wrong place, simply drag them over to where you want them.

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Ok, I put all my music in the MUSIC directory, added the music on the device to a new playlist in Winamp, saved that playlist to the MUSIC directory on my device, and when I select the playlist on my player, it shows the wrong tags for each song and the player becomes extremely unresponsive, as if it’s a struggle for it to merely scroll down the list. 

What happened now? 

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Sorry 'bout that . . . I just duplicated what I told you to do, and it didn’t work :cry: . Here’s what I did then and it DID work:

Instead of dropping the song files directly onto the name of the playlist on the left-hand side listing of Winamp’s Media Library window, drop them in the large blank pane to the right. The song title and time will show up here, indicating that it has been added to the playlist. When you’re done, double-click on the name as I previously suggested to move it up to the Playlist Editor. Here you can save it as before.

Bear in mind that I have an e280v2 player, not a FUZE but as they both share the same processor and both use .m3u playlists, this same procedure should work for both (the operative word being should :wink: ).

As far as the wrong tags, etc. I ran into something like that too (by accident). In Winamp’s Media Library on the left side, I clicked on the Sansa player F: under Portable Devices. This brought up the music on my player in the large right side pane, but like you said all the info was incomplete, garbled, etc. I don’t know what’s up with that!

I’ve got my player’s contents stored in “Local Media - Audio”. I can click on that and in the pane on the right it will bring up a complete alphabetical listing of everything on my player, including stats such as: total artists, total albums, total songs, total size (in GB) and total playing time. I find it interesting to see the total playing time of the music on my player listed in DAYS + HOURS :stuck_out_tongue:.

Delete the playlist you did that’s causing the problem on your player and try this. It worked for me. Hopefully, it will for you too.

I’ve tried that.  Unfortunately I think I’m going to return the Fuze.  It’s kind of rediculous that I can’t even create playlist files and use them.  Also, the player does not play songs very loud either.  It’s extremely frustrating and I thought I found a gem.  This player makes my old iPod sound like the best thing ever invented.

I’m really sorry, thank you for all your help, I really appreciate everything and I couldn’t have asked for more.  

Do you reccommend any other devices that are similar to the Fuze? 

I really like my e280 player; 8GB internal memory and the v2’s can handle the SD(HC) cards. I’ve got an 8GB one of those too. And I know the procedure I told you about for playlists works on it! An added feature (if you will), the e200 series battery is replaceable where the FUZE’s is not. But the FUZE has got some definite advantages over the e200 series as well.

Sorry you’re having so much trouble. Neutron_Bob has many different models of Sansas and has been weeding out the differences and peculiarities of the FUZE lately. He posted not long ago that he was doing some testing and would be off-line for a while. Hopefully, when he gets back he’ll see this thread and maybe have some other suggestion or good news for you.

Yeah I have a 4GB SDHC card in my Fuze.  Does the e280 have a scroll wheel for fast navigation?  Does it play as loud as iPod’s do?

Maybe I’m doing something wrong.  My playlist’s are showing up but they have weird tags and almost freeze.  I don’t know how to avoid it. 

I was originally stumped when trying to create a playlist with media player with the music already on my Fuze as well.  I searched the forums all over and tried Media Monkey, Winamp and just about every other music mgmt. software i could find.  Every one seemed to have it’s own problem.  I finally found a way that works… although it’s kind of round about way of doing it.

I would make a sync list on my Fuze in WMP.  I would sync it back to my PC, then delete it from my Fuze.  Then i would look at most recently added (sorted by date modified) in WMP and send that to a playlist.  Add that to the Sync list and sync that playlist back to my Fuze, then delete music from my PC.  Kinda dumb, huh… but it works… for smaller playlists under 100 tracks.  Otherwise it probably takes too long to be effective.

Just a tip.  Beats the heck outta going through and deleting doubles that WMP would put on my Fuze.  Of course this limits each song to being on just one playlist as well.

Hope i could help.

I wrote a program for the Fuze that will create your m3u playlists in msc mode for music already on the device.

You can also re-arrange the song order in each playlist using drag & drop.

You can download it from

in the forum: sansa fuze/creating playlists. 


Jerry Dahl 

I registered to say thanks, Tapeworm. I don’t own a Fuze but I purchased one for a relative. I’m not used to creating playlists on my DAPs. They’ve always used the folder system for browsing music. But, since the Fuze uses playlists I wanted a way to create them in MSC mode preferably in WMP 10. Well, so much for WMP! However, I did install Winamp.

After reading your suggestions several times I finally was able to create playlists. :smileyvery-happy: Okay. I first had to figure out which window was the “playlist editor” window. Once I got that sorted out–voilà!–it worked like a charm!

Now, I finally understand why playlists are so important. Again, I’ve used players like Cowon’s D2 and S9 that use folders. So, if I wanted all hip-hop, or all rock songs, all I had to do was put them in folders labeled accordingly and then drag and drop them into the folder named “music.”

Anyway, thanks again. My relative will be very happy!