Playlists spanning internal memory and SDCard?

Does anyone know how to point to songs either on the card or on the internal memories?

I can create a playlist that can access files only on the internal memories if it playlist is kept on the “Fuze”, or on the SDCard if the playlist is kept on the SDCard.  I cannot figure out how to  have a playlist saved on the FUZE point to the SDCard.

I don’t need anything fancy… just need to know what path qualifier I need to put in my m3u path.



M3u playlists will only work with 1 memory location (player or external memeory card). For playlists that incorporate files from both, you’ll need to convert those .m3u playlist files to .pla format. Google it; there are converters out there.

You can also create these .pla playlists yourself. Apparently you just need an empty file “playlistname.pla”, and a text file called “playlistname.pla.refs” that contains one path per line, with the prefix /mmc:0: for the internal memory or /mmc:1: for the memory card. For example



Backslashes work too for the rest of the path, just the first character needs to be a slash. And the file needs DOS line breaks, UNIX line breaks don’t work.

Thanks for the tips.  As I was staring to google .pla, I flipped back and saw the post that mentioned teh /mmc:0:/x  and /mmc:1:/x.  Works great!