Switched from Ipod to Sansa Fuze. but music in wrong folders?

I just switched from Ipod to a Fuze, but how do you move songs that are in the wrong folders to the correct folders. For example, I have a folder named unknown artists, and when I use explorer to move songs from that folder to the folder they belong in it is not working.  When I view the music folder in explorer all the songs are listed in the correct folder I just moved them to, but when I disconnect the fuze from the pc and look at my fuze all the songs that I have moved are back into the unknown artist folder. Do I need to sync it after I move the songs before I disconnect it from the pc?

Go to music and roll the wheel all the way down until you see Folders. Those will be your Explorer folders. 

The other lists --Artist, Album, Song–are not folders. They are a database: lists compiled from ID3 tags, electronic labels in your mp3 files. The ones used for the iPod may be a different format or different encoding than the ones the Fuze likes. If they are ID3v2.1 the Fuze won’t read them at all and will show Unknown. 

The iPod worked the same way. But iTunes was giving it tags it could read automatically. 

Here’s how to fix them. Take the problem albums off the unit, unplug it (so it remakes its database without them), and fix them on the computer as explained below. Then transfer them back. 

Using Mp3Tag

Of course, for Artist to show the right artist, the same name has to be in each file. Beatles and The Beatles will show up as separate artists. So while you have all the files for an album highlighted, make sure Artist is consistent. 

Outstanding! Thanks it worked.

Go back to ipod is what i would do

dudewtfwc wrote:
Go back to ipod is what i would do


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I’m glad to see you have joined us with a new Sansa Fuze!  Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find the wee beastie is a great little machine.  Oh, and with that spare cash in your pocket, you can enjoy quite a few other things too, like headphones and a microSD card.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

10-4 Good Buddy.

MP3Tag is a wonderful program.  EASILY sort out all that pesky tag data.  Create new albums, preperly label Genre, make sure album art is properly imbeded in each song, etc. I do a lot of custom stuff and it’s very useful.  I find that, for some reason, professional Classical CD recordings can have very messed up tag data after ripping with WMP.  Sometimes you wont get the artist tagged correctly,or even the tracks listed correctly.  Or the files will go into “Unknown”.  Or artist will actually be listed as Sir Nougat Schmedley and not JS Bach.  MP3Tag will help you out.

Keep in mind that, aside from more recent versions of firmware, Folders on the Fuze are only for sorting and organizing while connected to the PC.  The Fuze builds database using tags withing the tracks so moving the files around to different folders has no effect on your experience of retrieving and playing songs.  That being said, I have found it useful to be very organized about how I sort and store files on the Fuze and use proper folders- and I believe that it helps reduce errors and crashes.

Welcome to the Fuze!  It’s a great little device.  One other comment, personally, I have found Synching and use of iTunes to be needlesly frustrating and much more "head-scratchin’ that simple dragging and dropping of files as you would on any computer or USB memory device. (In MSC  USB mode

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