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I had my music arranged in folders and copied them to my sansa. However, some of the music shows up in unknown, not in the folder it was originally in. I.e. Linkin Park/in the end, is in the unknown folder just because it doesn’t have an album listed in info. This is annoying me, because my music is very unorganized right now because of this.

I will use this post to answer the other one too. Your fuze does not support Folder based navigation which is what you are trying to do. Instead the fuze uses Id3Tags. Try just copying the track file over with out a folder, see if that works. You can download a program like MP3Tag to edit the tags on your music so the fuze knows whay its looking at.

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I had this issue when I first got a Sandisk player.

Sansa players organise music using tags - information stored in the music files. For MP3 files these are in the form of ID3 tags.

The problem was that the program I had used to rip my music generally used ID3 version 1 tags, unless the content wouldn’t fit, in which case it used version 2.4 tags.

The Fuze does not understand v2.4 tags, so tracks with these ended up in the ‘Unknown’ bin. So, within a single album, some tracks were sorted OK, but ones with long titles ended up as Unknown. Tracks also end up here if they have no tag info at all.

As ConversionBox says, you can use  Mp3Tagto automatically convert all your MP3 file tags to v2.3 (which the Fuze handles) and to edit/add tags to most audio file formats.

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