Folders and Album Art

I have 2 problems that I’ve browsed for answers to, but never figured out:

Folder organization:

  1. After making sure all of the tags are correct on each song I organize my music into folders according to artist on my computer and then drag and drop those folders onto my Fuze.  When I disconnect the Fuze and go to browse through folders on the device half of my artists are now located in what is called a “New Folder” and the original artist folders do not exist.  When I browse the device on my computer it appears that all of the folders are correct.  My question is: Why does the Fuze rearrange my music into new folders and how can I better organize them in the future?

Album art:

  1. I have tried multiple times to put the album artwork into each folder and name the artwork folder.jpg, but it never seems to work.  I’ve also edited the picture tag in WMP, but that doesn’t work either.  Some songs do have the album artwork on the Fuze, but I never put it in the folder with the songs so I’m kind of confused why those show album artwork, but the others don’t.  Can anyone tell me how/if they got the album art to work?

Thanks so much for any advice you might have!

Are you in MSC mode?  (settings/system settings/usb mode)

If not I would do 2 things - if you have the tracks on your PC already (hopefully you do):

  1. Format the player using the option on the device (afterwards go back and make sure you’re in MSC mode as this can default back)

  2. After checking your files are right and that every folder which contains music files has a folder.jpg (and by this I mean the folder with the music in, not any parent folders.  If your folders go artist\album with the music in the album folder make sure the folder.jpg is in the album folder)drag and drop everything back onto the player.

If you are in MSC mode I’m unsure as to your folder issue, but I found the album artwork difficult to change until I did a format and reload (with correct art).  So it might be worth doing the above anyway.