whenever i turn my player on just a picture of a battery shows up  battery is charged can someone please tell me what  to do to fix the promblem    thanks

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Try connecting it to your PC and see if it can be detected.

Perhaps your HOLD switch is on?

Try resetting the device by holding the power button for 20 seconds.  When you let go the Sansa Connect should show the booting process.  If that doesn’t work, try the device recovery application.  Let us know how that goes.



Note: charging from the computer is not as fast and will not charge when the computer goes to power save mode.

What happens if you try to start the Connect while it is plugged into the AC charger?

  • if it boots check the battery indicator to verify charged

What happens if you plug into the computer (does it turn on or get recognized)?

  • if right out of the box, let it charge on AC charger 20 minutes before this test

If it won’t boot with either of these tests, you can try the recovery tool located at

I you can’t get anything to work after performing the above, look into return of the unit.