I have a Sansa connect 4gb and i was listening to some mu...

I have a Sansa connect 4gb and i was listening to some music and because my battery was low it cut off on me. so i took my usb cord and plugged it in the computer i have a windows xp sp2. and nothing happened the light just came on and it was blinking like a pulse.

is the computer not saying anything because the battery is low?

how long does it take for the battery to fully charge?

plzzzzzzzzz help me

You will need to allow the device to charge for 30 minutes or so before it will reboot.  Confirm that the on/off button is pulsing on and off, indicating it is charging.  Check this periodically as Windows puts the USB ports to sleep after a period of time, and charging will stop.

You will need to restart your Connect manually by pressing the on/off button.

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I did. I let the mp3 player charge fully (untill the light didnt flash any more) when i tok it off the wall charger i tried to turn it on and nothing happened i made sure it wasn’t locked. then i hooked it u into the computer and the computer didnt say anything the blue light just came back on what do i do to get the screen or something to come on at least plzzz help me.

You will need to run the device recovery tool.  Click on the link below and download the tool and the instructions (two seperate downloads).  It’s fairly straightforward, and can be accomplished in a half hour or so. You will lose whatever music was on the device and you’ll have to transfer the music again.  Also, if you’re a Y! subscriber, you’ll have to re-enter your UID and PW again too.


Try holding the power button down about 30 seconds to force a hard reset.

I think you also need a firmware update to overcome the complete battery discharge problem.

The recovery tool will also install the latest firmware.

Please refer to our FAQs for more details on the recovery tool or getting the firmware update automatically. 

Below are the links to the resources and applications useful to Sansa Connect owners.

The new User Manual, FAQs and utilities are posted at www.sandisk.com/Retail/Default.aspx?CatID=1619.

The FAQs are very insightful and can jump start your experience with the Sansa Connect.

The Yahoo! Music Jukebox application and manuals can be downloaded at http://music.yahoo.com/jukebox.