Connection Problems

I attached my Sansa to my PC.  Even though I’ve disconnected it, the windows shows “Connected”.  I press the off/on button to hopefully reset it and nothing happens.  I’ve tried removing the batter cover thinking that removing the battery might help reset it, but the dang thing won’t come off.  Grrr.  Any help is appreciated.

Is the USB cable still plugged in?

No…I’ve unplugged the USB cable.  The Sansa has been laying here with the lights on and connected window showing. 

Well it worked itself out overnight.  My Sansa drained its battery while it was just sitting there in with a Connected Windows.  Sometime during the night it turned itself off.  When I turned it back on I could see the battery was in red status.  I connected it to the PC again, I was able to see my books and music, plus added more books.  When I thought the batter was fully charged, I disconnected it from the PC, a Disconnect message was seen and I was able to turn the device off.  All is well.