Always Connected

not much of a tech guy and am stumped by this. My express constantly shows connected when it is plugged into my computer. however, when i take it out it might flash the Sansa logo quickly and then goes black – that’s about as far as it goes. Anyone have a similar problem, and does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix the problem. I think the battery might be low, but i have kept it plugged in to charge it up for hours and all it does is keep showing the “connected” images

thanks in advance anyone who can offer help

Try this; it solved problems for me:

1.  Download and install Windows Media Player 11, this will ensure that the latest Windows XP USB drivers are installed.

2.  Download, install, and run Sansa Updater; it will install SE version 1.01.12A.

When attached to the PC USB port, you should see the “Connected” message all the time (in blue), except when “Reading” from, or “Writing” to the SE. 

You should also see the “Charging” or “Charged” messages (in gold) when connected. 

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the tip. I will give it a shot and let you know if I have success