Connection problem

I have been using my MP3 player for 2 months (got it June of 07) and it has worked perfectly until about 2 hours ago.  I came in from working outside where I had used it most of the day and took a shower.  When I went to use it again, it turns on and does nothing else.  When I connected it to the computer, thinking, perhaps the battery was depleted, it would not even connect.  At one point, with playing with it, it did let me get to music but said it was empty.  What did I do wrong.  Please advice.

Next time, don’t bring it into the shower with you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lame jokes aside, maybe try to reset it by pressing and holding the power button for 20 seconds?  It seems that this is a defacto solution to some sonewhat similar problems I’ve had and it won’t hurt to try.

I am assuming you are stating that your saved music did not show up in the Music Library. I have not seen the Connect lose content just from having a depleted battery. Make note if you do see content loss again.

The Connect definitely will not power up and may not show ‘low battery’ warning if the battery is depleted. I have also heard some reports that hooking up to a USB port may not provide enough power to charge and boot if the battery is completely depleted. Hence it is best to use the AC charger for at least 20 minutes in this scenario before connecting to the computer.

The AC charger has a 1 amp max output, which provides much more charging ability than the USB port will. This is the best method for charging the Connect.

Thanks so much for the 20-second solution.  It worked for me when my computer thought the device had been disconnected and the Sansa didn’t agree.  The screen froze on “connected”.  I never expected the solution to be so simple.