Freezing and won't connect to computer

My sansa connect freezes at the loading screen and it has to get past the loading screen to connect to my computer, any suggestions?

Not sure which loading screen, but have you tried to turn the Connect completely off (hold down the on/off button for about 8 seconds until it says “Shutting down”), and then connecting to USB?  Then it starts up with the sequence of 5 balls–you have to wait patiently.  This is a common fix for a lot of USB connection problems.

Otherwise, I have no ideas. 

If after you try jj2me’s suggestion you still have problems, try running the Sansa Connect Recovery tool.   Search the forum, or at, for a link.

Well, neither of those will work. I believe that I am currently experiencing the same dilemma (for the past couple days). The Sansa Connect is stuck at the powering up stage, and when plugged into the computer via USB it doesn’t get recognized in any way. It started when I just finished transferring music but still plugged in; I looked to see that it was frozen at the opening screen after starting it back up.

So far I’ve tried draining the battery to start it up again after recharging, connecting USB to check for computer recognition, and restarting using the power button for 20 seconds. Could use a little help because I don’t really want to call Sandisk or take it apart myself. Gracias…

I know I probably shouldn’t be double-posting, but whatever. I am trying the recovery tool now and it seems to be running just fine. I wasn’t holding the buttons correctly; go figure. Well, I certainly am a bungle. I thought that the program was running smoothly because it showed so on my Connect, but I guess the program wasn’t running quite as well on my laptop. When all was said and done, it took no more than 15 minutes. And I’m back on board. 

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