sandisk sansa e280r

hello i bought a e280r mp3 player. half the time when i plug it in it will show up blue on the mp3 player. but one it doesnt recognize it and when i charge it for 3 hours it says “low battery system shutdown” what should i do. i really dont know where to start. fyi: i have windows 7 home premium

Go to Settings and Mode and change it to Rhapsody (not Auto or Plays for Sure). See if it behaves differently when you connect.

it wont even show up as a device. i cant change anything and it wont even power on.

You can try charging with a USB AC adaptor, see if the e200 will light up when power is connected.  If the device sees data on the center USB pins, it can get stuck in a loop trying to establish a connection; it won’t charge during this attempt.

Another thing to try is to see if it will charge in Recovery Mode.  Just be sure that you do NOT attempt formatting the device using the Windows format command, this will erase critical data.  Slide the HOLD switch atop your e200 to the right (orange showing) and hold the REC button depressed while plugging in the sansa to the USB port.

See if, while plugged in, the device will charge.  Leave it plugged in for 30 minutes, then slide the hold switch BACK to the left, and unplug.  Hopefully, the “battery low” message will not appear. Then, you can switch to Rhapsody Mode (MSC) and see if the device is recognized on your PC.  Charge it up fully before going further.

Let us know what happens!  The next step is establishing a data connection, but we need to charge that puppy up first.

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Ok. I got it on and connocted and it  says its charging and everything else. but as soon as i take the usb out after30 minutes of charge it wont turn on or anything until i finally plug it back in?

at first i did it on recovery mode left it in for 30 minutes and then it wouldnt turn on. While in recovery mode i held the power button for 10 seconds and then it turned back on but it wasnt in recovery mode cause i didnt have the hold button on or anything. What should i do next cause it comes up with the “connected” signal on it with the mp3 player and computer on the screen. but as soon as i disconnect it there wont be any picture at all. no matter what i do unless i plug it back in.

Sounds like a dead basttery or faulty charging circuit. Luckily, the battery is this unit is easily replaceable. Check eBay or Radio Shack for a new one.

Does the computer recognize it at all when it’s connected? 

The battery is not charging. Try opening the back–four screws, don’t lose them–taking out the battery and making sure it’s back in tightly, just like a cell-phone battery, and try charging again. 

If it still doesn’t charge, either the battery is worn out or there’s a problem with the charging circuit. The battery can be replaced (look on Amazon for E200 battery). If it’s the charging circuit, it’s dead, Jim. You won’t know unless you try a new battery.

Sounds like a dead battery or faulty charging circuit. Luckily, the battery in this unit is easily replaceable. Check eBay or Radio Shack for a new one. If the new battery doesn’t work then you’ve got a hardware problem and it can’t be fixed.

It does sound like a battery module issue, especially since the device plays possum as soon as the power is disconnected.  There are three plated contacts atop the battery- see if the contacts are dirty.

The e200 battery is a Li-Ion unit just as used in the average cell (mobile) phone, and they’re typically about $20 on the internet.  At the very least, you’ll have a great new battery that you can use on another e200, should the battery not solve the problem.

My instinct says that it will be your solution.  At the least, another e200 is very inexpensive, and they’re readily available these days as refurbs.

I’m sure we can find a home for the battery if the e200 is indeed dead.  Wink wink, nudge nudge, can’t sell or trade on the forum, but PMs (private messages) will work just fine, eh?

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Thanks. Ill try it when i get home and if it doesnt work ill PM you if thats what you were winking towards lol. Thanks man and thanks for all the people that were helping me out. I appreciate it. And if someone has a cheap e280 series mp3 player Pm me. We can work out something. Thanks

I followed your instructions about holding the REC button while inserting the USB cable into my laptop. This is what I see:

Welcome to Recovery Mode

USB cable connected

Enter USB2.0 MSD mode

SCSI Cmd #a1

LUN0 locked

LUN0 unlocked

looking at the info on “my computer” is shows 15.2 mg free of 15.2 mg

Does that mean everything I had is gone?

Thanks, jim