My Sansa e280 died

I got my mp3 player two years ago for Christmas and I use it a lot. Yesterday, it died because I hadn’t charged it in a while so I hooked it up to my USB cord and to my laptop like I always do, but it wouldn’t charge and my computer wouldn’t recognize it. Is it dead because it’s old and used or is there anythignt hat I can do to save it?


Open it up. There are four little screws–don’t lose them. Take a look at the battery–it’s easy to see, it looks like a cell-phone battery. Take it out and make sure the connections haven’t corroded, and maybe wipe them with a little alcohol. Then snap the battery back in securely and try charging again. 

Similar situation here, but I’ve had it and used it often for a bit over a year. The battery ran out and I plug it in to charge it, the wheel doesn’t light up and the screen usually tells me it’s charging but it is just black.

I just tried what you said. There was no corrosion that I saw, but I rubbed a little alcohol on the connections, plugged it back into the computer, and now it’s working. I’m not sure what did it but it’s all good now.

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Any of the e200’s, as well as the c100’s and c200’s and probably other models with a removable battery, should function with the battery removed and the cord connected to a power source, be it a USB port on a computer or hub with power on, or a USB AC or car adapter. In the former case, it may show up as ‘connected’ or something equivalent, whether the computer recognizes it or not. In all cases where it doesn’t “think” it’s connected, it should function normally as if it were running on battery power.

If it appears dead when connected to a power source by cable, then the problem has nothing to do with the battery or contacts. OTOH, if it works off of cable power but not off of battery power, then the battery or the contacts are the problem – or, perhaps, the charging circuitry on the logic board could have failed.

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