Has my e200 died?

Help! My rarely used e200 has suddenly stopped working. I have tried emailing the Sandisk Support but haven’t had a reply. When I turn it on, it loads with the Sandisk logo. A message comes up that says ‘Refreshing Database’ the screen then fades to blank. I have connected it to my computer running Windows 7 - and it doesn’t even register that it is connected.  I thought it was because it needed charging (again) - but that doesn’t work either. I actually got the driver CD and re-installed it. Still no joy. Do I give it a decent burial, and truly, what is the alternative? Is there a reliable Sansa replacement. Do I go down the well trod alternative ipod or … what? I am not a technological wizard, so replies will need to be user friendly. I have been onto the FAQs and tried a few solutions, I have looked at Q&A on the forum, but can find nothing that matches. Is there anyone out there that can help? The only positive thing is that it will not cost as much to replace as my original e200!!

I’d try reloading the firmware. You’ll have to know whether you have a v1 or v2 model though. You can find all the firmware versions here. Use the manual method described in the individual firmware post. Don’t download and use the Updater.

Many thanks Tapeworm for your assistance - Sandisk Support finally got back to me with much the same solution. It is a bit too complicated for me - will persevere, but need a savvy person. I think I have v1 as it does not support the HD micro SD cards. Have searched high and low in all my paperwork, and that is the only clue.

Kind regards.

Recovery Mode allows you to manually connect the e200 series v1 player and recover the device.

Here’s a description of the process for you.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: