E250 2GB Turning off and on

My sister bought an E200 2GB back in February. She used it on a regular basis and it was working fine up until a few days ago. She started to chrage it since the battery was too low and when the “Connected” screen came on, it was just lines, like the screen was distorted. It wouldn’t turn off. We let the battery die and tried connecting it again. The screen had some lines, but when it would show the “connected” screen, it would do so for about a second then it would restart. It can turn on and off now. What can I do?

Recovery Mode and Firmware Update

Disconnect the player from the computer if it is connected.

Copy and paste the following link into your web browser address bar, and then click Go or hit your Enter key. When prompted, choose the option to Save the file to your Desktop.


Once you have downloaded the file, please follow these instructions.

1)  Double click on My Computer so that you can see it on your screen.

2)  Turn the player off.

3)  On the top of the player is a Hold switch, move it to the right (toward the headphone jack) so you see Orange.

4)  On the left hand side of the player is a Record button, press and hold it while connecting the player to the computer. Continue holding the Record button until you see a new icon under My Computer called 16MB FORMAT. Once you see that icon you may release the Record button.

5)  Double click the file you downloaded earlier and run it. Follow all of the on-screen instructions, and when you get to the prompt where it asks you whether you would like to Format it, choose Yes. Once it is done, click Finish.

Since your battery is probably DEAD…  Let your battery charge in Recovery Mode for an hour or two before proceeding to step six…

6)  Disconnect the player and look at the screen. Several things will be displayed, and when you see Key Lock, System Shutdown, move the Hold switch on the top back to the left.

7)  Turn the player on and watch the screen. If you see a Refresh Database Fail error, you will need to follow steps 1-7 again until you do not get the error. If it does not work the first time, it could take up to 7 times for it to work.

8)  After successfully applying the firmware update, download the Sansa Firmware Updater.

You can check your firmware version on the player by selecting Settings from the main Menu, then Info.

Good Luck!