stuck on "Refresh Database"

My Sansa e270 is stuck on “Refresh Database” My computer can see the device. Taking the battery out does not fix the problem. Any suggestions?

Contact SanDisk Technical support @ 866-SanDisk (726-3475)

Probably you need to get your device into recovery mode and format with the Recovery Sansa program for the E200 series.

This should restore your device to the factory settings. After you might want to Update the firmware to the latest version using the Sansa Firmware updater.

what about if i erase my entire data

and the finware is not working it only says that an administrator can operate it properly

Try loging in as administrator then check for updates.

any site to back up my sansa data

also i trued the recovery mode but couldn’t pass the pressing the on button for 30 sec, and not it won;t be even recognize by the computer

you may want to contact sandisk tech support

You should reload your firmware, format your player and reload everything. Thats a sure fire fix :slight_smile: