SanDisk Sansa e270 will not complete the Refresh Database start-up

When turning power on or plugging in to charge the device, it opens up with the b&w SanDisk screen, then proceeds to the home screen with the “Refresh Database” box open and a progress bar. The progress bar gets to about 10% then stops. The device then freezes and will not proceed or allow any functions and you must hold the power button for approx 10 seconds to power it off. I tried pulling the battery, but to no avail. I’m thinking it might be a firmware problem. Any suggestions?

You could try manually reinstalling the latest firmware, however imo freezing while refreshing the database is usually dur to tag problems. are your files mp3 files? If so, are the tags ID3v2.3 iso 8859-1 that the player expects?

I agree with JK98. It’s usually a tag issue. Did you recently add any new files?

I haven’t been able to add or remove files or even see it show up on my computer. It immediately turns on and begins the database refresh whether I plug it into the wall to charge it or into my computer to add/remove files, at which time, it gets to about the 10% point and locks up.