Please help, this is driving me crazy

So My battery died today while playing my music, I plug it in, and it says connected then it keeps shutting off and on while also showing the **bleep** connected screen.  WTF IS GOING ON! My battery wont charge.  ANyone know how to rectify this? thx

I am having a similar problem.

Don’t use it for a day or so and then (if it works) try using it until the battery is almost dead and plug it in a rear desktop USB port if you have it.

Good luck.

The battery is dead completely, I mentioned that

Mine lasts only few hours. I will try to contact the technical support and post the answer/recommendation.

Do you guys have an external USB charger that you can plug into the wall? It sounds like it could be the USB port on the computer not being able to supply the necessary power. Another possibility is a bad connector cable (the one that plugs into the Fuze). And it could also be a hardware defect with the player.

Back when I got my E280 I had a heck of a time getting the thing to charge off my computer.  No matter how long I left it on the computer, the battery never seemed to get close to full, or would go dead after just a few hours.  Then I went and bought a cheapo charger that plugs into the wall and has a USB socket to plug my cable into.  It’s rated for 1 amp max, about twice what a computer port does.  After that, my E280 (and now Fuze) never had charging problems again.  Best three bucks I ever spent, I tell ya.

Try a soft reset before plugging in for a charge: Hold the power switch in the up / ON position for 10 seconds, release, and plug in for a wee bit of juice.  Let us know how it goes!

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You can check this out.

Shuts down unexpectedly and works fine the second day… PLZ HELP

It worked with my Fuze, maybe you can try different ways.

If it doesn’t, i hope you have a warranty.