Fuze is dead!

Hey, just wondering if anybody has any ideas.  My Fuze is just dead.  Won’t turn on, won’t start charging when I hook it up to the computer, I can’t get it to do anything.  Now, I know the last time it was on I had disconnected if from my computer and had then forgotten to turn it off, and it was on all night, so I would assume a dead battery, but then shouldn’t it start to charge when I hook it back up to the computer?  I have had the Fuze since X-Mas and it has worked fine in all ways, so it’s had no problem taking to my computer or anything before.

I am totally preparing to call customer service and hope to get it replaced ok, but I just thought I’d post here first to see if anybody had any ideas. 


How long did you leave it connected to your PC? If the battery is completely drained, it may have to charge for quite a while before it has enough power to turn on and respond to the PC. You could also try resetting the player by holding the power switch in the “on” position for 15-20 seconds.

not to really answer your question but just to say that I’ve heard weird things happening to people’s Fuzes when they completely drain the battery. I did read where a person brought his Fuze back from the dead by charging it a day with a USB wall charger. Maybe that might work?. If it doesn’t I guess a call to customer support is in order. :wink:

Since it hasn’t been working, I have tried to connect it to my computer for hours at a time and still nothing.  And I hold the button up to reset, but since there doesn’t seem to be any power at all that doesn’t seem to do anything.  Thanks for the suggestions.

Totally agree with oobergeek.  The wall charger will give a stronger current when you charge the fuze with it and it doesn’t have to communicate with the computer, thereby the computer can’t use up any power the fuze needs.  It may “jump start” your fuze and bring it back to life.

Another advantage to using a wall charger is that you can listen to songs or whatever while it’s being charged. 

Try a soft reset , holding the power switch in the ON position for 15 seconds, then release.  Then try plugging in to the USB port.  If all is well, the Fuze will power up and begin charging.  Observe the battery indicator for the lightning bolt and “rolling” battery icon.

If the Fuze cannot establish a data connection, it can get stuck in a loop, attempting to communicate, and it can drop the charging operation in the process.  If this is the case, with the Fuze connected, open the Device Manager and locate your Fuze.  Right-click on the device (there may be a yellow triangle locating the trouble), and uninstall.

Unplug the Fuze, then try connecting again after about 10 seconds.

In a situation where you are getting the “battery low, system shutdown” message, you can either try a USB wall adaptor, or trick the Fuze by plugging the USB connector in slowly, stopping at about half-way inserted, as soon as the device powers up on the display.  What happens in this case is the outermost power pins are longer than the inner data pins, allowing you to perform a “power-only” connection, just like an AC adaptor.

Once the device has had a full charge, you can troubleshoot the connection issue.