Startup Problem

My Sansa Connect won’t turn on properly. It has in the past, but during the past week or so, when I press POWER to turn it on, it loads the black “Sansa” screen and the turning wheel lights up blue, and it stays like that for hours. Usually, it would go to the screen where it loads the five colored bubbles, then it would go to the main screen, but now it won’t. What’s going on?

Something has become corrupt.  You will need to run the Recovery Tool.   After completed, you will need to re-enter your Yahoo ID and password info and resync your music files.

The Recovery Tool is here:

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It is possible you have an old firmware version and the battery is depleted completely. This will cause a boot up loop.

You should hold the power button for 10 seconds to ensure it is turned off.

Then plug into AC charger for at least 20 minutes.

Then you can try again to start up.

If it doesn’t start you should try the recovery tool.

If you don’t have the latest firmware ZAP:, then you should upgrade.

The latest firmware has better power management to keep the battery from depleting completely.

Check the FAQs for more details.