My sansa connect has had trouble in the past with connecting to my laptop. Several weeks ago i learned that if I completly shut the unit down an let it reload its defaults it would work. Tonight I tried to do this and the connect froze. Is shows a blank screen with the word SanDisk in the center the blue circle around the wheel is lit up but thats it what can I do? Is this common? Also I dont know if it matters but I just added a microSD card.

My suggestions:

1 Try and see if it boots with the SD card removed. 

2 Do you have the latest firmware?  It is required for SDHC expansion memory.  The latest firmware is  To see which version you have go to Settings>Info>Software Versions.  If you need a firmware upgrade, establish a WiFi connection, and it will download and install in 20-30 minutes.

3  You may need to run the Recovery Tool.  Get it here:

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That is great recommendations.

Also, If it is completely hung you can hold the power button for 30 seconds. It will try a restart.