Stuck on "refreshing your media"

The other day I installed Rockbox on my clip zip. I decided I wanted to go back to the original firmware so I uninstalled it from the rockbox program on my computer. Now when I turn it back on it gets stuck on the “refreshing your media screen” and I can’t really do anything. I try holding the volume and power buttons for a reset but it still gets stuck on this screen. Does anybody else have any experience with an issue like this?

When you install Rockbox, it alters your original firmware to allow for the “dual-boot” function. When you remove Rockbox, that altered original firmware is still there trying to boot into Rockbox (which it cannot find). You have to re-install a fresh/un-altered copy of the (original) firmware to get back to normal operation…

Oh right. I forgot to mention that. I did try doing that, I unzipped the file for the original firmware and put it in the root folder and unlugged it. That’s all you’re suppsoed to do right? Well it said updating firmware, then it said upgrade complete. It powered off and when i turned it back on it was still stuck on the refreshing screen. Maybe it’s just that some file became corrupted during the rocbox install/uninstall and its making it freeze while refreshing? I’d like to reformat it but I don’t know if I should just do that from the file manager on my computer. it’s not even showing up as a music player now just “3.9 GB filesystem”

Check that your Zip connects normally with the familiar “connected” icon on the display.  Also, remove any microSD card from the machine, in case a file corruption there is causing the “refresh database” process to halt.

You can try formatting the device from the PC using Windows, select FAT32 as your media format. I prefer to set the cluster size to 32kb (Windows has the nasty habit if using 4kb clusters) as 32kb is optimal for the Sansa. Formatting only affects the data partition if your device, as the firmware partition is protected in the AMS Sansas.

If you have favorite tunes still stored on the device, if you connect in MSC mode, you can try recovering the File Allocation Table using Properties > Tools tab > Check Volume For Errors, or do the same thing via a command propmt, using the  chkdsk utility.

If Auto Detect is active on your Zip (it will be by default with a new firmware installation), look in Windows Explorer before formatting. If the device lists in Caps and Smalls as Sansa Clip Zip 4GB, without a drive letter assigned to it, the device is recognized in MTP mode as a media player. CHKDSK only works in MSC mode, but “format” works in any mode (and will of course erase your music / books.)

To manually force MSC mode with a non responsive device (no menus, as its stuck “refreshing”, start with the device turned off. Press and hold the center “select” button while connecting to force the device to connect in MSC mode.

Once the device is unplugged, you should have a normal machine once again, and a main menu screen. If you formatted previously, go to Settings > System Settings > Format >  Yes to format the device with 32kb clusters automatically, and optimize the machine. Of course, formatting erases all media, so you’ll need to retransfer your music.

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This deffinately sounds like a tag issue. Did you add any files when you had Rockbox? If so, perhaps one of those is causing your problem.

ok so i just looked up rockbox and it automaticly goes to this guitar website what do i do to get to the rockbox you are talking about?

@jusiefruit1582 wrote:

ok so i just looked up rockbox and it automaticly goes to this guitar website what do i do to get to the rockbox you are talking about?