Cannot get new firmware to "take"

I’m trying to install rockbox on my brand-new Clip + - the “Refreshing your media” problem bit me as soon as I copied 15GB from my old MP3 player to a new uSDHC card.

However, no matter what  I do, I can’t seem to get the player to update its firmware.

I’ve used both the rockbox installer and a manual install. The fw file is definitely in the root directory of the clip, which is in MSC mode, but as soon as I disconnect, instead of the promised firware update followed by a shutdown, I simply get “Refreshing your media” and then the player remains on indefinitely.

Anyone any ideas? Am I missing something? Could the player be faulty?

Rockbox is not the SanDisk firmware. Try the forums.

First try taking out the card and see if you can get to some firmware. Make sure any of your content on the unit is backed up. Then format from the unit (erases all your content, sometimes fixes glitches) and try again.

I know that rockbox is not official firmware, but the player doesn’t even seem to *try* to use it, (If the official firmware ever solves the “Refreshing your media” problem then that might be another matter).

BTW, I have already tried reformating the device. No effect.

My random guess would be that you’re trying to flash the wrong firmware for your device. Each device will only accept firmware designed for it, in order to avoid destroying the player by flashing incompatible firmware.

Whats the version number on your player and the name + version of the firmware file you’re trying to flash?

Saratoga is a Rockbox developer. If anyone can help, Saratoga can.

I was suggesting taking the card out and leaving it out after formatting. Sometimes the card complicates things.

I did wonder if the version might be relevant.

The player is currently running V01.01.21A

The manual directed me to the sansa forums to get a copy of the OF and that was V01.02.16 I also found a later version 01.02.18, but  - and I only discovered this when trying to do a manual install - mkamsboot doesn’t know this version.

So I’ve got a clppa.bin file based on 01.02.16.

thanks for reading…

Your player is actually a Clip Zip, but the firmware files you’re trying to flash are for a Clip+, hence they won’t work. Use the firmware files for your player, and it will.

And now I feel like a total idiot.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

Impressive “random guess”!

I have learned two things from this: 1) DON’T try to update firmware late at night 2) rockbox is uttsrly superior to the original firmware.

Not only did the firmware install work first time when I got the correct firmware, but it boots incredbly faster than the SD and offers gapless playback (at last!) and I also, while getting the garbage ready to put it, discovered my 32GB card which, when I’d decided to try the fw install with car out, had shot out of the slot and landed somewhere on the floor.

So 15 minutes after choosing the right firmware model I was happily rockboxing from the 15GN of oggs stored on my card.

Thanks again.