Rockbox firmware loading problem

I’ve just downloaded Rockbox to my clip plus and when I turn it on I get a message saying ‘loading firmware, file not found’. It then goes on to say ‘plug USB cable’ and stays like that until i plug it into my computer. I can only access the music when it is plugged in to the computer.

Any advice on what the problem is and how I can rectify it?

You’d be better off asking at the forums.

Are you sure you downloaded the right firmware for the Clip +?  If you can find the Rockbox file you put on the unit, I’d suggest taking it off, going back to Rockbox, downloading again and starting again. 

I’ve tried registering on the Rockbox forums but it won’t allow me to register for some reason. It keeps saying my verification information is incorrect when it isn’t.

So you are saying that to remove rockbox all I have to do is delete the rockbox related files in windows explorer and the clip will revert back to how it was? And deleting files like this won’t cause any problems then?

Problem sorted, sort of. I’ve downlowded the latest sandisk firmware and the Rockbox has gone. I just need to make sure i’m installing Rockbox properly next time.