Can This Clip+ Be Fixed?

When I plug it into a PC, I see “Bootloader USB Mode” on the display.  Windows File Manager sees it and shows 5 empty directories, AUDIBLE, AUDIOBBOKS, MUSIC, PODCASTS,  RECORD and a file m300a.bin.  Sansa Updater doesn’t see the device, however.  When I try to do a manual firmware update, nothing happens.  I guess it is missing some basic software.  I hope somebody can make a suggestion as to what to do.  Thanks in advance.

M300a.bin is a regular clip firmware update, not clip plus. Did you download the wrong file when trying to update the firmware?

Ok, I replaced m300a.bin with clppa.bin.  But nothing has changed.  When I remove the clip+ from the PC I see nothing on the display except “Plug USB cable”.  Then after turning it off and on again, I see:

"Loading firmware

File not found"

and then again, “Plug USB cable”.

I know that the owner had loaded Rockbox on this and then botched an attempt to remove it.  I hope that might help someone suggest a solution.

Hmm.  I looked into the Rockbox manual and decided to try holding down the left button as I turned on the Clip+.  And then it loaded the firmware!  Is there anything else I should check to make sure that there are no more problems with the vestiges of Rockbox on this device?  Thanks.

No, putting the correct firmware file and then booting into the Sandisk firmware will remove Rockbox.  

One strange thing is that an audiobook is still on the clip+ even though it is not shown in Windows Explorer.   I tried to use the Delete Book function on the device without success.  Maybe I don’t know how to use it since it is not explained in the manual.  Is the audiobook hidden somewhere in a Rockbox folder that is not shown?