Clip+ problem need help

Im having huge issues with my clip+
when i turn it on with usb connection it says file not found and turns off.
when i connect a usb to it it loads up sansa then the icon of the computer and clip appears,says writing briefly,then connected.however my computer doesn’t recognise this connection,and there is no other externanal drive in view.

also i tried it under mtp and msc and seems not to make a difference.
when i try boot it up it says file not found but still had the rockbox logo,then turns off

I was going to suggest, time to contact anDisk Customer Support?, but then saw your reference to Rockbox. And so, I assume you put Rockbox on the device? In that case, I’d ask for help at the anythingbutipod Clip/Rockbox forum and thread, or at itself–Rockbox could be doing something to prevent you from getting anywhere with the player. (You might also try booting into the original firmware rather than Rockbox–but I don’t know the key combination for that, off-hand.)

is there anyway to just wipe whats on it?

When you turn the player on, can you boot into the original firmware (I don’t recall the keypress combination you need to use, once you’ve installed Rockbox)?  If so, you then could reformat the player under the Clip’s settings, which will delete all the content–including the Rockbox files–on your player.  Note that you also will want to replace/reinstall the firmware on your player–see the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum.

Perhaps others will have other suggestions as to this. 

you can try pressing the HOME Button while you turn the clip+ on and that should load the clip+ os.  if it does make sure the usb on the clip is set to msc then try the sansa updater from our PC  and see if it will install the original firmware and you will need to remove the .Rockbox folder from your clip+ as well that will bring it back to factory condition if it works.  if it didnt work bringing up the clip+ os then you could still try the sansa updater and hope it works.  I was able to uninstall rockbox that way and get it back to the stock OS,  I didnt have time to figure it out Rockbox and it kept freezing on my so I decideed to stick with the original