My SanDisk Sansa Clip + cannot play musics

Yesterday my idiot fren want to delete all my friendlist and end up formatting the mp3 include all the file inside it. and now i cant play a music and when i reset it, it say firmware not found. can someone help me about that?

And keept saying, File not found.

Then it forced me to Plug USB cable. i try to put some mp3 there, but it still say ‘File not found’

when i plug it to usb, its say there Bootloader USB mode

Are you by any chance trying to use Rockbox firmware?

Can be used? i try to find the solution in the forum. but didnt find anything. ;u;

Your content files on the player are lost.  (Although, you possibly could use a file recovery software on your computer (such as Recuva–nicely regarded) to try to recover the Clip’s files.)

If you were using the Rockbox firmware on your player, re-install Rockbox.

Already try to use Recuva. but they only recover my songs. Orz

Owh, its working back. thx alot. =)