What exactly prompts a "refreshing your media"?

Been pretty happy with my Sansa Clip+ but starting to get frustrated by this.

I can understand why it does this when I update what is stored on it or the SD card, even if I do get annoyed at how long it takes.

But it also seems to be doing it now if the device has been switched off.

Is this normal?

If not, how can I avoid it?

It’s not normal if all you are doing is turning the device off then on, unless you’ve done something like re-inserting the micro card. The device does appear to want to refresh when there doesn’t appear to be a good reason for doing so. I use a wall charger and have no problems in this regard.

Rockbox reduces/elliminates the refresh hassle.

Tipically, this only happens when you force the device to shut down (during a freeze, for instance). If you aren’t forcing it to shut down, I would try reinstalling the firmware.

If that fails, I would try Dave61430’s suggestion, and install ROCKBOX, as it usually updates ONLY when you say so. Also Rockbox allows you to continue to use your device like normal while it updates. Therefore, you can listen to music and update at the same time.


I had a look at Rockbox.

Don’t think it will be good for me as it doesn’t seem to like Audible files and more importantly, doesn’t appear to allow you to search by artist.

In fact, Rockbox could disable the ability to play protected files (such as Audible’s) on the player in the future (and even if you later remove Rockbox from the player). If that might be of interest to you, proceed with caution.

You might be pressing against the card, which can force the player to do a database refresh. At least on the Clip Zip the card doesn’t stick out like on the Clip+ so this is much less of a problem. I have both, and have had unwanted refreshes with the Clip+, even when it wasn’t connected, and the card wasn’t removed.