Refreshing Your Media

My player now says [Refreshing Your Media] everytime I turn it on. This does not last long, but also I find that the volume goes down to about 1/4 of maximum everytime I turn it off. I suspect that I may have nearly reached capacity on the player itself (I have a 16 GB card) but will have to research if removing some songs allevites the problem. It just started today. Does anybody know offhand why it would start out with this message, it never used to before.

It could be that the card is sitting slightly loose in the player’s reader, making the player think that the card has just been inserted, necessitating the read. 

I tried removing and reinserting the memory card, but is still says refresh when I turn it on. One reason I thought this might be a viable solution, is that I have a rubber skin over it, which covers the memory card slot, so I didn’t know WHAT was going on in there. It removed easy and popped back into place with a click, so I don’t know if that was it.

Hopefully, just a poor connection now fixed?

 NO, I just wait for it to refresh, everytime I turn it on. Thanks for inquiring!

Sorry to hear that. :frowning:

Take the card out and see if it completes refreshing the internal memory. 

Then take off the skin and put the card back in and see if it works. The skin may be dislodging the card.