Still cannot get my SansaClip 4gb to work

I have a windows XP Pro SP3 and I bought my sansaclip 4gb from BestBuy in Nov 2008.

The first time I plugged the clip to my PC everything went OK.  

But since then the PC will not recognize it, it just cycles from writing to disconnected back to writing to disconnected, etc…

Things I’ve noticed:

  • in MSC mode, my computer either displays “usb device has malfunctioned” or “device can perform faster if connected to a high speed usb 2.0 port.”   and on the clip it cycles from writing to disconnected over and over again

  • in mtp mode, the same as above with msc mode

  • in Auto detect, it does both things above, but after a while the computer seems to recognize it for about 2 seconds and it displays the following 3 things at the same time 


    1. “portable device” box pops up, prompting me to choose (a.) open device to view files… (b.) sync with WMP (c.) take no action, but then the box goes away after about 3 seconds 

    2. it shows up under “my computer” both as “mtp device on local-digital camera” and "sansa clip 4gb-portable device, but then sansa clip option goes away followed by mtp device option.

    3.  the tool bar “bubble” pops up saying this “usb device can perform faster if …connected to … high speed usb 2.0 port”, then it goes away 

I’ve tried everything from

 - formatting,

 - to putting on hold and pressing center button while connecting,

 - to downloading the sansa updater but the computer cannot see the device so the updater is useless,

 - to downloading/installing microsoft wgaplugin 

 - to trying to see the clip thru WMP (version 11 by the way)

what else can it be, or can I try?  Is it maybe I have to update my USB hardware?  Is my Clip defective?

Thanks in advance for any help given…


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