SSD not detected in Bios after shutdown


I’ve bought a SanDisk Estreme II SSD 2 days ago.

I plugged it to the first SATA port of my motherboard, and a SATA power cable. Then I started my computer and installed Windows 7 Pro without any issue on the SSD, but after I shutdown the PC, the SSD isn’t detected anymore in the bios.

The thing is that if I enter bios setup, SSD isn’t detected the first time, but from here if I restart the computer it is going to be detected on the next launch.

Identically, from windows, if I do a “reboot”, everything works fine, but if I do a shutdown, then SSD won’t be detected the next time I start the computer.

Do you think I should return back the SSD?

Thanks in advance

I fixed it by switching to AHCI mode (instead of IDE).

For information, my motherboard is an Asus P7P55D.