Sandisk Extreme 120 not recognized by bios

I have a 

Gigabyte X58A-UD3R Motherboard.  The SSD is plugged into the white port (even tried the blue).  My bios is not recognizing, nor is windows 7.  My motherboard supports Sata 3.  I have tried it in IDE and AHCI in the bios…

Anyone have a similiar problem

if it is not recognized in the BIOS it is likely bad. not really anything you can do. it will need to be replaced. 

That’s just tough luck. I assume that you still have warranty on this right? <img src=“”/>

the ssd has a 3 year warranty so you should be good to go. contact sandisk suport. 

Try unplugging and replugging it. It could only be just a loose connecting. At least hopefully.