SanDisk Ultra II 240 gb not working! DİED!

sandisk ssd Can’t see it in my bios. Or another pc’s bios. I even put it in my dock.  I lost my data how can ı recoverr? please help very important!!!

same thing happened to me with a Sandisk ULtra II 480Gb.

Same thing happened to me too. Sandisk Ultra II 240GB has died today without any reason. My computer has crashed and then Windows dumped ram to disk and shutdown. Then my bios does not see the disk drive and also the other computers. I have been using the disk for a year. I think it is a very short time to be broken down. I need to rescue some datas. I think that the datas on the solid states are safe but the sata ic is broken. Is there a way to rescue the datas from the drive?

you would need to contact a company that provides data recovery services. for warranty replacement you can contact sandisk support.