SSD just suddenly malfunctioned..

Hi, I’ve owned my Ultra II SSD (120GB) for almost 2 years now, and weirdly last night after the PC went into sleep mode for a few hours, it would not start up at all. It just stays in the BIOS and I’ve done much troubleshooting, such as trying it in a couple other PC’s, all of which did not the detect the SSD, I also tried seeing if Ubuntu would detect it which it did not.

So I have a couple questions, is there anyway -at all- to get the data from this SSD? It’s not necessarily a ‘must do’ but more of just data I would like back (without investing a lot of money, pls.) and second, since this is within the 3 year warranty, would I be able to get it repaired or replaced maybe? Only problem is I don’t have my receipt or anything really for the SSD. Safe to say I didn’t expect an SSD to die on me so quickly when I have hard disk drives that have lasted a good few years now lol. Thanks in advance!

for data recovery you would need to contact a company that provides data recovery services. This would be done at your own expense. 

For replacement contact sandisk support. They can look the SSD serial number up and confirm warranty and replace the SSD.